Why Are Men Obsessed With Penis Size?

Multiple sources point out that most men in the US and around the globe tend to have an obsession with penis size. This is probably why an increased interest in male enhancement and penis enlargement reviews has been observed by many websites. Truth is, there is some satisfaction in having a bigger penis, speaking from a male point of view and from personal experience. Without delving much into the basics, why are men obsessed with penis size? The answer is simple; it’s more of a matter of what they believe in, how they feel, and how they perform.

Self Esteem and Myths
How do you feel if someone calls you little? Save that for now! But what if they called you ‘little hands’ like one M. Rubio retaliated after claiming that ol’ big Donald had called him ‘little Marco’ at a past political rally? That may be political innuendo, but there’s something to be learned at the end of it. That no one wants to be categorized on the lower side of the spectrum when it comes to penis size. This is mostly because, as most studies have established, that penis size can hugely impact on a man’s self-esteem. At this juncture, most men are obsessed with penis size because it affects their self-esteem and sexual confidence, one way or another.
It is a common assumption that the bigger the organ, the higher the man’s self-esteem. Additionally, there is a common mythical belief that a man’s penis is somewhat proportional to the size of his hands. Whether this is true or not, science doesn’t much seem to support it. However, it still tends to give an obsession to men when it comes to penis size somehow.

Women and Sexual Performance
Yes, you got it right! Men’s obsession with their little man sizes is also influenced by their female counterparts. There is a common belief that the bigger you are down there, the better you are in the bedroom. To most men, it’s all about the size. While this might be true to some degree, it isn’t always the case with women. Some women believe that a big D’ without significant action is good for nothing. In other words, other factors such as the man’s libido, sexual stamina, technique, and general health also play a part when it comes to pleasing your woman under the sheets. It’s also possible for a man with a smaller penis to have higher levels of the sex hormone, testosterone (which influences sex drive) than another with a bigger penis.

What about Porno?
There are more than just a few videos online on men with massive Cs and Ds having amazing sex and giving amazing pleasure to their women to orgasm. This can surely contribute to men’s obsession about penis size. But then again, not all men are fans of porno. Furthermore, sex education is far more difficult to obtain online as compared to downloading a few adult movie clips. So, without taking sides, as much as porn can be blamed, the society also has a hand in it, generally.

Now What?
Having a certain level of obsession about your penis size can be considered a normal occurrence in most men. The fortunate thing is that there are various ways to increase your penis size if it makes you happier and more self-confident. These are penis enlargement products. Be sure to read male enhancement reviews from a trustworthy site to get comprehensive, honest information on some of the best penis enlargement device or product in the market.

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