Male Edge™ – All Natural Penis Stretcher Review

#1 Rated Penis Extender: Male Edge

Made in Denmark, MaleEdge is one of the most reputed penile extenders in the market. The traction device has been found highly beneficial in increasing the length and girth of the burrito. It works using the traction mechanism, where the user places his penis into position, fastens it, and waits for the penis tissues to gradually stretch lengthwise and girth wise for a bigger and longer penis. The tool basically works by enhancing cytokinesis in the penis tissues leading to an increase in tissue growth. The tool is composed of rods, bars, and fastening components that ensure the baby maker is comfortably held throughout the process. There are three main packages of MaleEdge, which have different features, accessories, and benefits. These are the MaleEdge Basic, MaleEdge Extra, and MaleEdge Pro.

Ratings for Male Edge

Why You Should Use It
The MaleEdge penis extender comes with a number of benefits, which would make men looking for bigger penises want to use it. One of the reasons to use MaleEdge includes the fact that it is non-invasive and considered safer than penile surgery for penis enlargement. According to the manufacturer, the product has been reported to have approximately more than 500,000 users worldwide. Additionally, it increases both penile length and girth and can help treat Peyronie`s disease, or penile curvature. Also, it has been reported to be effective in making erections harder and firmer, leading to a generally improved performance and confidence in bed. As a matter of fact, an increased penile size has been thought to improve a man’s self- esteem and boost his sexual motivation; both of which have a positive impact on libido and vigor. So thanks to MaleEdge you get a bigger penis and better performance in bed.

Average Penis Growth
Since results vary from user to user, penis only data for the average penis growth caused by MaleEdge is available. According to the manufacturer and mist online penis extender reviews, MaleEdge causes an average penis size increase by 28% for length and 19% for girth. It is also said to cause a reduction in penis curvature by up to 90%.
• (28%) Penis Length Increase
• (19% Penis Width Increase
• Up to 90% Curvature Reduction
• Erections – Stronger & Harder

Even though the product is highly reputed for effectiveness, comfort, ease of use, and cost-effectiveness, safety is always one the most critical concerns when it comes to penis enhancement, especially since the penis is one of the man’s most sensitive organs. Even though the official website indicates that MaleEdge offers safe and natural penis growth, it is important to note that the statement is not yet FDA-evaluated. Additionally, benefits and results may vary from individual to individual. However, the traction device has no documented side effects, apart from the fact that some of its users may experience some slight discomforts during the early stages of use. All in all, it is important to use the penis extender according to the instructions provided.