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About ExtenderLabs.com

In a world where 55% of men are reportedly unhappy with their penis size, and in a society where it remains one of the last remaining taboos of male culture, the team
at Male Edge believes that men are searching for a solution, but are often unclear where to find the answer.  It’s a myth that penis enlargement is only for men who
think their penis is too small – men with above average penis lengths also want more. Two years ago, a study was carried out by surgeons at St Peter’s Andrology Centre in
London, which found that the majority of men who underwent penis surgery were unhappy with the results.

ExtenderLabs.com has an obligation to the men who come to our site to provide unbiased reviews. Our visitors come to ExtenderLabs.com to:

  • Read about The Latest Penis Extender Reviews
  • Read about the latest Male Enhancement Pill Reviews
  • Get the latest news and information on scientific research and technology
  • Get the most informed opinions on the newest products
  • Learn from an objective, non biased source which products are right for them